The Western Cape Floral Kingdom is a ‘biodiversity hotspot’ which proudly features an extraordinarily high diversity of distinctive flora. Located near the southern tip of South Africa, it is the only floral kingdom that falls entirely within the borders of one country. This diversity can mostly be attributed to the iconic fynbos which dominates the area. South Africa has an extensive and diverse floral legacy, with a horticultural industry dating back almost 100 years.

At Flowers For Everyone, we take advantage of this national heritage, sourcing only locally grown and best quality flowers, as the sunny South African climate is perfectly suited to growing all floral varieties. This strong emphasis on locally grown, ensures that the flowers travel as little distance as possible, with minimal handling, before delighting your loved ones and brightening your homes. With our love for flowers, it is no wonder South Africans are such a merry nation, as the result of a ten month University study shows that flowers have an immediate impact on happiness. The presence of flowers gives you greater life satisfaction and triggers your happy emotions. All study participants expressed “true” or “excited” smiles upon receiving flowers, demonstrating extraordinary delight and gratitude. This reaction was universal across all demographic groups.

How we love our flowers

Our supplier is a leading expert in the growing and selling of the best quality cut flowers for over 40 years. They are truly masters of their craft.

Not only are our flowers lovingly hand-picked, so are the passionate botanists overseeing the process, with substantial practical experience in their cultivation and care.

Flowers are grown in state-of-the-art greenhouses, with the latest high tech computerized irrigation, ventilation and warming systems. This creates the most ideal growing environment possible.

The flowers are harvested daily throughout the year, at precisely the right moment to ensure optimal freshness.

Immediately after being harvested, they are placed in clean, treated water and kept in an atmosphere of 5 degrees Celsius – scientifically proven to be the optimal temperature to ensure maximum vase life.

Their final trip from the farm is done in temperature controlled vehicles, enjoying the scenery of Cape Town go by, relaxing with their stems cooling in fresh water.

How you should love your flowers

Upon receiving your wonderful gift, keep them in a cool place in clean water in the packaging for a few minutes to let them recover from their trip, while you lavish your adoring sender with praise.

Prepare a clean vase with clean water.

Cut 2cm off the stems before placing the flowers in the vase as they are cut off from their roots, and this assists them to take up water through their stems.

Remove any leaves at the bottom of the stems. Leaves in the water can pollute it as they rot and bacteria and algae feeds on them, in turn clogging the vascular tissue system of the stems. Water also evaporates through the leaves, so we encourage you to remove any undesired leaves which detracts from the beauty. This reduces evaporation and also enhances vase life.

Add the supplied flower food to the water, it contains a disinfectant and nourishment and is best used to preserve their quality.

Place flowers in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and any wind or drought, to prevent drying out and wilting.

To ensure the longest vase life, it is recommended to clean the vase and change the water every 3-5 days. The more frequently, the better. Clean water prevents the vascular tissue system of the stem from getting clogged, ensuring healthy circulation.

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