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Tulips are amongst the most beautiful flowers on earth. Originally cultivated in the Ottoman Empire (present-day Turkey), tulips were imported into Holland in the sixteenth century. When Carolus Clusius wrote the first major book on tulips in 1592, they became so popular that his garden was raided and bulbs stolen on a regular basis. As the Dutch Golden Age grew, so did this large, showy and brightly coloured flower. They became popular in paintings and festivals, and in the mid-seventeenth century, tulips were so popular that they created the first economic bubble, known as “Tulip Mania”. As people bought up bulbs they became so expensive that they were used as money until the market in them crashed.

Mixed tulips with various colours combined together, express a fusion of all their individual meanings. This colour explosion convey a multitude of positive emotions. White tulips are an expression of purity, sympathy and spirituality, evoking sensations of serenity and peace to anyone who beholds them. Yellow tulips express exuberance, provoking sensations of joy, cheerfulness and optimism. Dazzling orange tulips express inspiration, enthusiasm and boundless energy. The symbolism is strengthened by the brilliant hue of the orange petals denoting burning flames. Red tulips whisper of romance and passion, expressing your deepest affection for someone. Purple tulips are associated with royalty, wealth and prosperity and can also be linked with admiration for the accomplishments of a loved one.

Flowers For Everyone ensures the finest quality, locally grown tulips. Our flowers are harvested daily throughout the year at precisely the right moment to guarantee superb freshness, whilst being kept in an atmosphere of 5 degrees Celsius – scientifically proven to be the ideal temperature for optimal longevity. Our emphasis on locally grown flowers ensures minimal transportation and handling, before delighting your loved ones and adorning your home. Flower food is included.

Presented in our signature kraft paper and cellophane, accompanied with a beautiful card containing your personal message, this flower bouquet is sure to put a rainbow in any heart. Select from five different bouquet size options.


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