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Peach roses are so delicate and yet so charming. Their main attraction is their simple elegance and breathtaking beauty. The symbolic significance of peach roses is as engaging as their elegant beauty. The soft peach hue in a rose is fast gaining in popularity, and is now widely loved by many.

Peach roses are therefore a symbol of harmony, peace and great cheer and are used to express the geniality and cheer of a get together. Sincerity is another noble sentiment expressed by peach roses. The clarity of the colour of the rose, its grace and beauty together instil a sense of complete genuineness. When you need to emphasize the earnestness of your gesture, send some peach roses. Their gentle yet pleasing colour can also be sent as an expression of sympathy.

Presented in our signature kraft paper and cellophane, accompanied with a beautiful card containing your personal message, this flower bouquet is sure to touch any heart. Select from five different bouquet size options.


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