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A sunflower is synonymous with warmth, positivity, power, strength and happiness for it bears such a strong resemblance to the sun. Vincent Van Gogh created a series of paintings of sunflowers, for he must have been as spellbound by their splendour as we are today. Sunflowers move their blooms to always face the sun over the course of a day, which has expanded its meaning to embrace the idea of spiritual knowledge and a worshiper’s devotion to seeking the light of truth. No flower can lift spirits quite like sunflowers can. Bright, exuberant and bold, the sunflower is a gift of radiant warmth. Sunflowers are the happiest of flowers, and emanate sheer joy, cheerfulness and optimism. Yellow symbolises brilliance, gold and sunshine, and is considered the happiest amongst all colours of the spectrum.

Flowers For Everyone ensures the finest quality, locally grown sunflowers. Our flowers are harvested daily throughout the year at precisely the right moment to guarantee superb freshness, whilst being kept in an atmosphere of 5 degrees Celsius – scientifically proven to be the ideal temperature for optimal longevity. Our emphasis on locally grown flowers ensures minimal transportation and handling, before delighting your loved ones and adorning your home. Flower food is included.

Presented in our signature kraft paper and cellophane, accompanied with a beautiful card containing your personal message, this flower bouquet is sure to brighten someone’s day. Select from five different bouquet size options.


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